PSU for Aspire X1301

Where could I buy (order) a new PSU for my US-produced Acer. I'm stuck with a broken PSU in Europe (hopefully not a mother board) and they say claim not to have PSU-s for US-produced PC-s. Thanks.
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  1. why wouldn't you just get a european PSU and avoid using a converter?

    Anyways, I beleive tigerdirect will ship to europe.
  2. Those guys told me that I got a model which is not produced in Europe...a 'small' one - X1301; so my understanding was that I can't have an European replacement (as you can see, I'm not really an expert...) Thanks!
  3. Ahh. I see now but I find it 'strange' that its listed on acers UK site.
    Unfortunately i cannot determine which size poower supply it comes with
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