Dual Vs Triple channel memory

Hey guys, I posted this in the memory forum but there are a lot of gamers in the "new build" forum so i wanted to post this question here as well.

Is there a big difference between dual channel and triple channel memory in regards to gaming? Are different kinds of games affected differently? Like mmo's vs first person shooters?

Any input would be awesome on this, i googled some stuff but just got a lot of synthetics that weren't related to gaming.

Cheers :pt1cable:
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    I think I replied to that post.

    There is no real world ("noticeable") difference. Even in single vs. dual-channel operation mode, there was a 1-2% improvement at most in the games. Toms did the comparison. Look for it.
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  3. Thanks gracefully, and thanks for the reply on the other thread.
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