Need help return to factory stettingfrom bad oc`

hi guys and gals , i just bought this system off a friend of mine, and he has this thing all screwed up ( i think ) lol...he oc`d now i wanna set it back to factory settings. i tired in bios clicked load defaults in bios .. its running at ilde at 3300mhz, when i run prime95 it gos to 2800mhz, weird, core speed is to go up not down under full what should i do guys.take cpu / ram /??? out then put back together,i have no clue...heres the specs

spec details

i5-750 cpu w/ water cooling
asus Maximus III Formula motherboard
g.skill 1600mhz 8 gb ram
sapphire hd5770 video card
corsair tx 750 watt psu
Western Digital WD Black 640GB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb

plzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz help thks guys
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  1. You got into the bios, then you set it to default settings, but it didn´t work? Did you save it before leaving the bios?

    This CPU goes up to 3.2 GHz, when Intel Turbo Boost Technology is enabled -- also have a look at Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology, and Idle States. If they are not set correctly things can go weird! ;)
  2. CLR CMOS button will reset all settings to default. I have this mobo - it shouldn't be doing what you just mentioned. If that doesn't help, try taking the mobo battery out for 15 secs and pop it back in. You should come across a beep(if you have the post speaker connected to mobo) and it'll prompt you to go into BIOS and load defaults or you can set them manually in BIOS.

    you mentioned watercooling? is that your term for an All-in-one unit?

    you left out the case from your specs list.
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