<windows root>system32 ntoskrnl exe when i upgrade to wsp2

when i upgrade to WSP3 from WSP1 it tells me that it needs to restart, so i do. When windows is starting to run up it stops n a black screen and then says <windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe. please reinstall a copy of this file.
dose anyone know how to reinstall this file? or any software thats free to fix it for me ? HELP
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  1. It sounds like your Windows installation got corrupted. Ntoskrnl.exe is one of the main files Windows needs to run. If you can back up any of your important files, I'd recommend reinstalling Windows, instead of just trying to fix it.

  2. iv tryed, when i reinstall it, it gose back to windows xp SP1, when i upgrade to SP2 the same thing happens again,

    windows xp was pre installed on my laptop so i dont have the CD ? help

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