Anyway I can boot from a hidden partition?

Hi my name is Will

Last time I had a problem with my hard drive, I accidentally reformatted my hard drive and the partition with all the backups. But luckily I got all the data back (I guess) and now I face a new problem. I want to reinstall my pc but I can't. I have a Sony vaio VPCF136FG, it's been with me since October 2010 and it's got lots of hardware problems (mainly gpu and hard drive). now Sony does not give recovery disks (I think due to the act of piracy) so normally a vaio has a hidden recovery partition that you can acces if you hit the Assist button while your pc is shut off. But in my case after I repaired the MBR I can't boot up the recovery partition with the same method as I use before. It just boots up windows. I tried a lot of things from pressing different buttons to boot managers. I did not want to continue for a while because if the recovery partition gets damaged I could not reinstall my pc anymore. So what can I do? Is the MBR the problem? I will be waiting patiently, thank you.
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  1. Some computer manufacturers put an option in their BIOS to recover the system from an image on the hidden partition. You might want to boot the system into the bios and have a look around to see if that option exists on your system.
  2. you may have to buy a new windows DVD.
  3. I took a look at the system bios and I found no sign of booting options. And I'm not buying a new windows for now. I'm sorry guys but I think it's something to do with the MBR. But thanks for helping guys!
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