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Hey guys,

I installed a new Asus 5870 last night. It runs great. However, I noticed that the overdrive function in CCC does not seem to work well. If I just enable overdrive, and don't adjust the clock settings, I start to get flickering on my screen. As soon as I disable overdrive, it stops. I am not overclocking the card with overdrive on, I just wanted to set the fan speed manually. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Catalyst 9.12 suite. Still the same issue. Maybe just a driver issue? The card stays pretty cool under load with the Auto Fan feature (around 58c). So its not a huge issue, just an inconvenience. Any thoughts?

I didn't do a driver sweep when I upgraded from my 4890 to the 5870. I popped in the 5870, booted up, uninstalled Catalyst and re-installed. I didn't think there would be any conflict with the drivers being the same for both cards.
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    Now this is the good time to do it... :)
    (Driver Sweeper)
    Let see after that what would happen to your 5870 and CCC...
    Also u might want to try the driver which came with the card on the CD.
    Sometimes, the latest is not the best.
  2. Yea, i'll try to drive sweep it when i get home tonight.

    I've heard to many horror stories of the CD Drivers, lol. That will be a last resort :).
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