CPU Overheating(Pretty sure)

For awhile i have had the problem that my computer is overheating. I managed to limit it by the amount of cpu usage i use. The power supply is also hot but i think it is because its feeding power to the cpu.

I use to have a problem where the computer would freeze shortly after startup which i fixed by going into safemode and setting the power option to high preformance. I think that is the problem of why it is overheating. I took a CPU-Z validation and it is here.

Is anyone aware of a way i could take it off high preformance so i can lower my CPU tempature?
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  1. First... what are your temps?? Download HW Monitor or RealTemp and run Prime95 for at least an hour and document your high temps or errors. This will help determine if it is a heat related issue.
  2. I monitored it when i played a flash game(Phage 2) i realised when the game had more action the CPU tempature rose(I monitored using speedfan) to a certain point where my computer restarted.
  3. What are your exact temps, and what processor do you have?
    Also, is there a lot of dust inside your case?
  4. Again... What were the temps at the time of crash.

    First, check to see how clean your case is (clean out the dust).
    Second, check that your HSF is properly seated so it provides the proper cooling.
    Third, remove the HSF, clean off the old TIM, then reapply TIM / HSF.
  5. @Lmeow - i posted a link in the first post, should have made it more obvious sorry.

    It dosn't have much dust but il try cleaning it.


    The 4th core reached 80 Degrees when i crashed.

    I cleaened the dust out but i dont have any TIM, il redo the HSF when i get some TIM so i can do at the same time.
  6. Finally put some TIM on and it still reset.(sorry for the long wait)

    edit: Ram a memtest and there was a problem thanks for the help
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