Asus Striker Extreme woes (as usual it would appear)

Hi folks

Came across this forum while trying to find solutions to the problems with my Asus Striker Extreme.

Backstory: I put together a cheapo gaming system using second hand bits found on eBay. My motherboard of choice was the Asus Striker Extreme.

Current situation: I've put the system together and powered it up. I get no beeps, no VGA and no post but there is HDD activity, like the system is booting to XP.

I have read a few forums where people have said the problem lies with the BIOS re-setting the ram voltage to 1.8v and therefore it won't recognize anything above that.

However if I take out the ram and graphics card there are no beeps to say that either have been removed. The LCD screen doesnt change saying there is any kind of error (it permenantly reads CPU "INIT").

The setup:
Intel Core 2 Duo (cant remember what type, maybe an 820)
2GB Kingston HyperX KHX8500
XFX GeForce 9800GTX 728
WD E-IDE HDD 40GB (taken from an old system) the board cooked? Is it just a voltage issue?

Any advice/constructive comments (other than throw it in the bin) would be very welcome. Thankfully I have a 7 day guarantee from the eBay seller so can return it if its screwed and get my money back

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  1. Forgot to add: Im running a OCZ Modstream 520W PSU
  2. Have been fiddling some more and carried out the following:

    run the system outside of the case to make sure the case wasnt causing some kind of short, still not working

    run a single memory unit in the furthermost slot from the cpu, still not working

    double checked the build to make sure nothing creating a short circuit

    double checked the LED button near the LCD Poster, still not working

    More embarassingly, and annoyingly it appears what I thought was HDD activity actually wasnt.
  3. after days of trying and not getting anywhere a minor breakthrough

    the CPU INIT error was replaced with a INIT8042 error (or whatever the hell it is)

    This lasted for a while but now it has just reverted to the original error.

    The board has been thrown in the bin, I have sought a refund and I am probably never going to touch any ASUS product again.
  4. Had that board and it was a good board.. Bios was the problem for me the only bios i found stable was 2102 version
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