Water-Cooling setup, need help!

Hello, I'm looking to build a ultimate pc and wondering whether to buy a water cooling system or to build my own. I would be cooling a Intel Core i7-3930K Sandy Bridge processor and EVGA GeForce GTX 690 Hydro Copper Signature 4GB 512-bit GDDR5 graphics card on a ASUS Rampage IV Extreme LGA 2011 Intel X79 mother board all in a AZZA Genesis 9000 case. I was just going to buy 2 Corsair H100 water cooling systems, 1 to cool the CPU and the other to cool the GPU. However, I was wondering if the setup below would be a better cooling option then the 2 H100's?

-Need waterblock for Socket 2011
-XSPC AX240 2x120mm Copper/Brass Radiator Black
-XSPC AX480 4x120mm Copper/Brass Radiator Black
-Swiftech Maelstrom 5.25in Dual Bay Reservoir Standalone
-Swiftech Extreme Flow MCP35X2 Dual 12v DC Pump - Black
-Swiftech MCP35X2 Heatsink - for Dual MCP35X2 12v DC Pump
-Delta EFB0812LB 80x15mm Low Speed Fan
-12 Delta 120x38mm Ultra High Speed - 252 CFM for push/pull effect
-Silver Killcoil/PTnuke with distilled water
-Feser Tube - FT - Active UV Hose - ID 1/2in. x 3/4in. - UV BLUE

How much feet of tubing should I start out with?

Going to use the 1/2in ID compression fittings but how many do I need. I figured I need 10 for the above setup but how many 90 degree and 45 degree angle fittings should I start off with? I figure that is something I really wont know until I run the lines..

Next is fans:
-Delta 120x38mm Ultra High Speed - 252 CFM

I want to go for a push pull effect, and for my noob question, Do I have to uninstall the stock fans in order to mount the radiators? Or can I mount the rad right to the stock fans on the bottom and top?

Im also confused on how to run the loop. I was thinking pump/GPU/AX240 rad/CPU/AX480 rad/pump? Is there a better way to run the loop?

I'm very interested if this setup would cool my computer better then the H100's and by how much? If its only a few degree celsius difference I dont think spending the extra money would be really worth it. I'm very new to all of this so would like to get your thoughts and advice. Also if I'm forgetting anything or have better options. All the stuff above is found at thanks!!!
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    So you're thinking of running a dual loop? TBH if it's just CPU and GPU you don't need 2 pumps/dual loop. Also why the Apogee with a pump? Just get one 35x or one D5/655 for what you're planning it's more than enough.

    Next, loose the Feser coolant. Either stick with distilled water and ptnuke/killcoil or Mayhem's Pastel or X1 coolants. Other coolants have been shown to gunk up your blocks which makes it a pain to clean.

    As for how many fittings you need what you should do is get a picture of the inside of your case/draw it and start drawing where each piece will go as best to scale as you can. From there start drawing your loop between them and that will give you an idea of where you'll need angled fittings.

    You don't NEED to uninstall stock fans, you could use them, but it is generally a good idea to get fans for radiators that specifically high have static pressure to make sure they can push/pull enough air through the radiator.

    Oh ok so you you aren't going dual loop. Loop order doesn't matter except:

    1) Res is before your Pump ALWAYS
    2) Res should be higher than pump (feeding down to pump)

    Your new setup will be a good deal better than an H100. Keep in mind the H100 has a fairly lame radiator compared to XSPC's. As for how much better I couldn't honestly tell you.
  2. Make sure you can fit all of this! :ouch:

    Any reason why you are going with the Apogee Drive 2? You can get a better Pump and CPU block for roughly the same price.
  3. Thanks for the info.. The only reason I went with the Apogee Drive 2 was it had a pump and thought I needed the extra power so I would put it in the middle of the loop. But since I have the (Swiftech Extreme Flow MCP35X2 Dual 12v DC Pump) I'll get ride of the Apogee. In that case what would be a better option for a CPU water block:

    -Watercool HEATKILLER® CPU Rev3.0
    -Aqua Computer Cuplex Kryos HF

    Or are there better options for my 2011 socket? But I want to keep the base copper due to the copper/brass rad..

    I will stick to the distilled water over the Feser coolant with the killcoil and ptnuke. I figured I wouldnt know about the angle fittings until I get the case and get things mounted and actually see what I need.. With the fans Ill just buy a ton of the above Delta 120x38mm Ultra High Speed - 252 CFM and use those for the push/pull and get rid of the stock bottom/top fans.

    As for the loop my Swiftech Extreme Flow MCP35X2 Dual 12v DC Pump mounts right under the Swiftech Maelstrom 5.25in Dual Bay Reservoir. I didnt know if the CPU or the GPU need to go to the 480mm rad or the 240mm first. But I think Ill loop it as Reservoir-Pump/CPU/480mm rad/GPU/240mm rad/Reservoir-Pump..

    Last I think I should have enough room. The AZZA Genesis 9000 Full Tower case is pretty big. The top of the case can fit a 480mm rad, and an additional 240mm rad can be put in at the bottom.

    Going to edit my inventory list at the top, with the updated information, thanks again for the help.
  4. I did a lot more research out there and think I have a good handle on everything. Im shying away from cooling the motherboard chipset and RAM.. All Ill be cooling is a CPU and possibly 2 GPU's and will have 2 seperate loops.. Did a lot of research on CPU waterblocks and radiators and decided to go with the XSPC Full Copper Raystorm with the Swiftech MCP355 pump and MCR320-XP Rad with high speed fans (3000 rpm, dont care about the noise). Going with the split dual bay res that the MCP355 can fit right under. Will have a dual loop used for both the GPU's with the other MCP355 pump and another MCR320-XP Rad.. All of this will be going in a mountainmods Pinnacle 24 case!
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  6. Think you should still do a single loop and not use Swiftech MCR rads...coming from someone who runs a CPU and 2x SLI GPUs w/ 2 MCR320's. There are better rads out there, and you'd be better off running a single loop with dual pumps than dual loops.

    You'd also see lower temps if you ran a single loop with dual pumps and good rads all in the same loop, but the argument can be made to run dual loops...just go with better rads in either scenario.
  7. XSPC Full Copper Raystorm offers near 0 extra benefit from the normal ac top, according to sten's research about CPU water blocks. Not enough contact area before it is heat is transferred away from the block via the water.

    Better to get the normal one for 50 dollars less.
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