HD5750 & HD5770

Hi there, i know this is just another one of those, two cards against each other.

But i'm curious towards how much of a difference it has on these cards, if you pick one that ventilates out of the case, and one that does not.
Today i have an x1900xtx, uses alot of power, and runs hot and is noisy, my case isn't very good ventilated, but i do have an 120mm slow fan as an exhaust.

So if my plan is to go crossfire in like 6 months or so when the price on the second card has dropped, would it be better to spend some extra money on a card that ventilates out of the case, or will these new chips not run hot enough for that to be an issue, even if i add a second one later on?

Can a computer, if allowed to turn off a hardware device if not used, turn off a graphics card in crossfire if only one is being used while not gaming, to save power?

What kinda hardware would i be mating one of these new cards with.
I've got an i7-920, 3gb triple channel ddr3, some hdd's, and that's about it.

thanks in advance for any information that'll answer these questions.
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  1. I guess if your case isn't well ventilated and you want to crossfire then getting cards that ventilate out of the case is a good call.
    As for the power saving issue I wouldn't worry about it too much. These cards are extremely power efficient at idle(~15w)
  2. I've read the review, and yes, these cards are way, way more power efficient than my x1900xtx.

    About the power thingie, well, just wondering since it would be clever if win7 could power one of them down, if it's not being used.

    In my case it's not that important, but for people running two massive cards, surfing the web doesn't really need the power of two or more 5870 or the like, so it just seemed like a logical feature.
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