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Hello, how do I configurate my router to use my laptop wireless? My warrenty expired and the company directed me to this site or pay 79.00 for tecnical support for 6 months which is rediculous.
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  1. Oh, my. Are we in trouble if manufacturers are using us for backup tech support.

    You need to provide more details, on your equipment and on your question.

    What router do you have? What laptop do you have? What form of Internet service do you have (cable, fiber, dial-up?) What device is currently directly connected to your internet service - the laptop, the router, a cable modem that you did not mention?

    And for the question - do you mean that you want the laptop to connect to the internet through the router? I can't imagine a configuration in which the router uses the laptop wireless - this describes a case where the laptop is providing data to the router. My best guess is that you have a router connected to your internet service and want to connect the laptop to it wirelessly.

    What was working before? What changed?
  2. Yes we need to know provider, router and laptop details.
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