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Hey, THG. I was on another topic and became aware of this issue, so I'm simply starting a new thread in a more appropriate category.

here's a link to the previous thread:

just scroll down to about the last 4 or so posts.

Basically I'm just looking for the answers to some simple questions. okay so I've got a bulging cap on my P5GD1 Mobo, the thing is 6 years old. Is 6 years about the time frame for something like this to happen?

Also, Since day one I've been using the Overclock Profile: Ram: 500 FSB: 1000.
It showed my CPU running at 3.75Ghz, but I'm curious, was my CPU overclocked or was it just my mobo or something?
Also, is overclocking the reason for the cap failing prematurely?, or are these caps not particularly affected by overclocking.

Thanks in advance for your help

Cheers, JF
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    The time frame for your bad cap is about right. Overclocking wouldn't shorten the life. Caps can go bad after several years of use, whether overclocked or not.
  2. Cool, that's all I needed to know. thanks
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  4. Overclocking reduces the life of the capacitors for sure, I think, because you increase the frequencies and voltages and what not (heat) at which some of the capacitors work on the motherboard.

    I am not saying your capacitor bulged because of overclocking. There is the possibility that it was sort of defective right out of box and it could endure this long.
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