Core2 quad vs current e5300 @ 4 ghz

my setup is fairly new equipment
(not current) I play fps
currently have and will be keeping my 5770. I got the itch would an overclocked Qx6700 or 9400 or better be worth my time and money or should I keep this setup and move on in a year or two ?
9450 is kinda looking as well as the qx67 or 6800 even though they are older 65nm tech

yes I plan to overclock
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    The Q9400 isn't going to overclock nearly as well as the 5300, and it is going to be much more taxing on the mobo. Only 8 multi and a high FSB compared to the e5300s 800fsb and 13 multi.

    It depends on your games but you might not see much of an increase (Quad-Optimized CPU dependent games might prefer the Q9400). An E5300 @ 4ghz is more than enough to keep up with a 5770.
  2. Don't upgrade your E5300(Especially when OCed to 4GHz!!)

    Quad won't help much for gaming for now.

    As raidur said, E5300 at 4ghz will easily keep up with 5770
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