P6X58D - Premium Motherboard

I need some assitance.

I have an

Asus P6X58D motherboard
Two Asus 5830 ATI cards
Intel i7 930
6 GB of DDR 3 Corsair 1600 (only when OC'd) RAM
1 250 GB WD HD
1 500 GB WD HD.
2 240 Fans,
3 140 FANS
LG Blu Ray ROM.
Azza Full Size Tower.
Coolermaster Hyper 212plus.
Thermal Take 750W Modular Power Supply.

All this and windows 7 64 bit Pro.

My motherboard is having problems keeping its BIOS settings.

As long as the powercord from the surge protector is plugged into the PowerSupply on the PC, the settings in the BIOS hold. If I remove the power cable, so that no power is connected to the PC, the BIOS settings get lost (Date, Time, Drive boot order, oc settings).

I have tried three different CMOS batteries and on this board there are no jumpers for resetting the CMOS.

Changing batteries didn't work.

Can some one help me with this issue??
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  1. Is this board still under warranty?
    There are only three things I can think of that will clear your cmos.
    1) The cmos reset button at the top back of the computer. Is it possible that the case is touching the button.
    2) something is shorting the battery to ground, possibly a standoff touching a trace on the mobo. (remove mobo and set on flat non conductive surface)
    3) Removing the battery.
    If not the above then we get to the first question.
  2. Yeah the board should still be under warrenty as I just purchased it last week.

    I have JUST found teh clear CMOS button on the back of the PC....Wow.

    On the P6X58 boards the Clear CMOS is like you said, on the top back of the motherboard, only way you could of made it clearer would of been too mention that its just under the keyboard and mouse port.

    I had looked through the bloody manual as well but must of skimmed over it without seeing it.

    I have reseated the mobo twice now, hoping to remove any chance of shorting.

    I have already tried three different batteries on this board, I dont think that this is the issue.

    After some more troubleshooting, I found that a regular Nvidia 8400 GS didnt cause the same problem (clearing cmos). Then I went to asus website and used the power supply calculator and it suggested that my miniumum power supply recommendation was 850 for my build.

    Are these calculators, legit?? Accurate?

    Cause if thats the case, im going to order a 1000w antec today.
  3. I myself like to have a margin of error, others on this site would / will say that you have enough.
    If you reseat the board again I recommend the fiber washers between the board and standoff, you probally don't need them but you do have a problem.
    If you do take the mobo out again see if you can follow the copper traces from the battery to the bios rom chip(should be a switch/charger in between) look for a cut / broken trace.
  4. Whoa,

    Okay I suppose I could give it a go if I end up pulling the board again.

    I just checked with the CMOS rst on the back of the tower and it feels like its free. I mean I use a pin to push the button and it moves (clicks) like it works so its not that the Clr CMOS buttong is stuck.

    Would it be that I dont have enough power to supply the cards so they pull every bit of jucie from the battery and....clear the bios.

    Thats what I dont understand. How the tax on the powersupply can clear the BIOS? Can that even happen!?
  5. You said that when plugged in it never happens.
    The only time the battery works is when the computer is unplugged. It keeps a very low voltage on the BIOS ROM chip so it doesn't lose data and normally lasts for years. I suppose if the power supply voltage got so low that the battery circuit said turn on, then yea it could drain or short the battery but it only happens when unplugged.
    You don't see any graphics card or such touching the battery as is do you?
    just a thought.
  6. Sorry man, I don't quite understand what you meant by

    "You don't see any graphics card or such touching the battery as is do you? "

    Could you please explain?

    but thanks for the troubleshooting help, muchly appreciated. I really hope that it is the power supply ( I was also hearing inferference from my speakers, and had a friend suggest that a power supply over pulling could cause interference issues) so if I have a power supply that doesnt need to work so hard it'll not have these errors I am having.
  7. I was thinking that a card in a slot if long enough might sit over the top of the battery and touch it. very improbable but i'm not there.

    Give the power supply a try. I'm not running crossfire just yet and I have 1050 watts.
  8. try running with only one video card. This will test if you PS is the issue. If it run fine on one V-Card then get a bigger PS.
  9. Well I got the 1000 watt in this morning, hauled out the old PS.

    I will put the new one in today and see how that goes. I had thought about trying just the one card....but I am afraid that it would still do the the same thing.

    I would like to be able to try and prove that the 750 wasn't enough, or maybe that there is/was something up with it so that I could return the PS.

    Will install today and follow up in the thread.
  10. ^ Uninstall or Disable {any ASUS or BIOS invading} UTILITIES. Preferably uninstall.
  11. Hrmmm

    Thats a good point. I know that when I started to run it I installed all of the ASUS mobo and video card software just to see what it was all about.

    While there are alot of good programs on there I would hope that its not causing trouble with my system.

    But thanks for the bit of info and idea, maybe I'll try that when I put the new PS in and it still doesnt keep the BIOS settings lol.
  12. You don't nor want any "app" messing {conflicting} with your BIOS, make the the changes {i.e. OC} manually. Trust me there's tons of folks here that know what every setting does in the BIOS, and OC'ing is relatively simple and "should" be only be done from the BIOS.

    Good Luck!
  13. Cool, I was wondering about that software.

  14. stuckless said:

    My motherboard is having problems keeping its BIOS settings.
    Can some one help me with this issue??

    ^ No, I meant the PSU might not be the problem, and the utilities could be overwriting all of your settings and presenting itself as you've described
  15. Looks like the 1000w solved my problem.

    After I added the appropiate power supply to the rig, it now boots, keeps bios settings and hums along just fine.

    Thanks for the suggestions, and I'll still go over the software to see what all is actually installed.
  16. Looks like the 1000w solved my problem.

    Came across this discussion - having the same problem with the same motherboard. Did the new power supply solve the problem long term? I can replace the motherboard for about the cost of a good quality 1000 W power supply. I am suspicious that it is the supply since I do not have as much graphics load as you do. My current 750 W should be handling it with no problem. Did the battery replacement, but problem continues...
  17. FLA, you do not mention the make of your PSU. Is it a Thermaltake like the one Stuckless had?
  18. Originally, I overlooked the OP had CF HD 5830 (two cards), under load -> an 850W is the minimum recommended and if you plan to OC both the CPU and GPU(s) then 1000W~1200W is indeed recommended.

    A 750W 'can' indeed start and in most cases operate the system, but factoring in Capacitor aging the 850W is what to use or higher.

    IMO - the OP had an older {capacitor aged} or bad PSU.

    PSU Calculator; add 30% Capacitor Aging -> http://www.thermaltake.outervision.com/
    PSU Corsair; does it for you -> http://www.corsair.com/learn_n_explore/?psu=yes
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