XFX HD-4890 fan revving

XFX HD-489X-ZSFC Radeon HD 4890 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX

That's what I got on my new pc and I can't get the fan to stop revving even though my temperatures are low. CPU at 33, MB at 27. I have an antec 900 two, so i got plenty of big fan action chilling out my system.

How can I stop this videocard fan from constantly fluctuating
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  1. Does this continue with Windows Installed and the newest Graphics drivers installed? Can you use the manual control in CCC to turn it down?
  2. ^ +1 for manual fan control in CCC. set it in the 30-40% range and see what happens.
  3. Right now the card is around 43 degrees, and the fan goes from 0 to 50 constantly. I'll fiddle with it and let you know what happens.
  4. i set the speed to 40 and it seems to be doing all right....thnx
  5. On one of my older cards I had to manually set it as well (it would set it too low). You still may want to contact XFX and ask them about it and see if they say anything (just in case it is a symptom of bigger problems).
  6. So now that I have taken care of my revving problem, I seem to be having an issue maintaining 100 fps in counter-strike 1.6. For anybody who follows gaming, you know that getting 100 fps in cs 1.6 should be a cakewalk for this video card. Hell, my 5 year old video card got 100 fps in 1.6 in my old PC. I don't have the slightest clue what the hiccup could be. I have the latest drivers installed, I tried to go into the CCC and mess around with things, but no luck.

    Any ideas?
  7. What is it at? Is it consistently slower, or does it jump around alot?
  8. it's pretty sporadic from 50-100...sometimes it'll be right at 99.9-100 like it should be, everything seems fine, next second i'll glance and it's in the 70's
  9. in the past the only time i ever had fps drops was when my pc/vid card was over heating, but my cpu is at 33, mobo at 29, and vidcard at 48, everything seems well within reason
  10. Well, at that high I doubt you'd notice much difference. Personally I prefer turning on vsync (which will lock it at 60FPS) to reduce screen tearing.
  11. If the VC is only at 48C at load, then it is not being stressed much (are these load or idle temps?).
  12. I'd been using the same 19 inch crt monitor for a decade before i got my new lcd. I'm used to playing at 100 fps in cs 1.6 all the time, i'd prefer to keep it that way if possible. I haven't noticed any tearing at all. The new LCD i got is the samsung syncmaster, ripping at 120 hertz baby.

    The VC remains around 48c regardless of being idle or in game 1.6
  13. Ah, I see. Well, then Vsync is off then, correct? What are your other settings in CCC (3D -> all settings).
  14. all of the 3d settings are on default right now

    standard settings: use custom settings checked, performance
    anti-aliasing: use application settings checked, 2x
    adaptive anti-aliasing: enable adaptive anti-aliasing not checked, quality
    anisotropic filtering: use application settings checked, 2x
    catalyst a.i: disable catalyst ai not checked, far left
    mipmap detail level: quality
    wait for vertical refresh: off, unless application specifies
  15. I thought of one thing that might be causing the problem. The utility that monitors my mobo pickups my cpu, fans, and hard drive fine. But it didn't automatically select the vid card. It had a list of "compatible vgs cards", with the 4870 and 4850 being on there, but the 4890 was not. I'm not sure if this means that the card can't possible work with the mobo to its full potential, or if that is totally moot.
  16. It probably just means the utility is outdated. Check for a more recent version, or even try uninstalling it (I have seen Asus utilities cause weird problems before).
  17. I went to asus website, the utility I have is the most updated version.

    I'm just worried that the mobo is trying to run games using the on-board graphic card, instead of the 4890. That would explain why the CCC didn't show the 4890's temperature rise when I was in-game as opposed to being idle.

    Anybody know how to fix that, or how I could test to see if that is in fact what's happening?
  18. well obviously if you have your monitor cable connected to your 4890 and not your onboard VGA then your comp is using your 4890.
  19. why not run some benchmarks to see how your 4890 is doing.
  20. duh, of course

    so i'm using the 4890 then, but have no idea why i'm not getting 100 fps
  21. whats your CPU and is it Overclocked?
  22. another question I had

    anybody familiar with how to set up the video card so it is widescreen on your desktop, but automatically changes to 16:9 aspect ratio when it goes ingame? right now i'm manually changing it
  23. my cpu is a phenom II quad, it's not overclocked

  24. right now i'm running hl2, and the video card is no more stressed then when it ran hl1, or is just sitting idle, that makes no sense at all
  25. Run 3dmark06, you should get roughly 17K points

  26. actually maybe more like 15-16K as your CPU is at stock
  27. total: 4867
    sm2.0: 1776
    sm3.0: 2492
    cpu score: 1301

    Never run one of these before, but based upon your assumed total, I'm guessing mines pretty awful
  28. yeah something isnt right there

    one thing i would try is to open up MSI Afterburner and raise your GPU and memory clock just slightly so that you know the card is running at 3D clocks and run the test again.

    What powersupply are you using, and also (i know this sounds obvious) but have you got both 6pins connected to your card?

    Something else i just noticed is that your CPU score is REALLY low is should be about 4K, im really confused. : /
  29. Maybe the problem lies with your CPU. If your CPU isn't performing as it should then it would be holding back the performance of the HD4890, Maybe your card is fine.
  30. sighs, this is such a clusterfuck, why can't it just work :(

    right now my gpu clock is at 850mhz and memory clock 975mhz

    here's my power supply

    i have 2 pci cables going from the ps to the mobo
  31. Try running furmark in windowed mode and monitor the GPU activity, temp and fan in the CCC overdrive page - this should push the GPU to 100% activity and fan speed.

    Also check that the CPU is running at full speed. I received a faulty mobo recently that only ran CPU's at their CnQ low power state - i.e. 800MHz for a Phenom/Athlon II - which would bottleneck the GPU. Disable CnQ in the bios or enable the "High Performance" power mode in Windows to keep the CPU at full speed.

    Also make sure you have the latest bios and drivers for your mobo/chipset.
  32. Ok, so I ran 3dmark06 again and here are my totally different results...

    sm2.0 = 6229
    sm3.0 = 7264
    cpu = 4917
    total = 15975

    wtf, explain this to me, how can i go from 4876 to 15975 with no changes made
  33. hmmm.... thats more like it, but your GPU score is still alittle low. Did you do as Kiwi said?
  34. That looks very good. Have you tried Counter Strike again?
  35. I did try cs again, 100 fps with 20 smokes and gunfire for cs 1.6, 300 fps with 20 smokes and gunfire for cs:s

    I did figure out what changed my benchmark scores and I'm kinda shocked. The difference between running at 5k and 16k was switching my pc between energy saving and performance. I mean I knew there would be a difference, but I didn't think it would be so drastic. So when I got that really low score the first time, I never thought it would be 100% due to being in energy saver mode.

    No I hadn't run furmark yet. This is the second mobo I've gotten with this pc since the first mobo was defective, so I'm pretty confident the mobo is working just fine and it definitely is fully updated with drivers. I plan on trying out furmark now though.
  36. Ok, so i just ran furmark. My gpu was at 99% activity. My CPU seemed to stay at exactly 3214 for the entire thing, but then strangely went up about 200 rpm once the program was finished. I ran furnark a second time and got the exact same results with both the gpu and cpu. I ran it a third time with this forum window open and the cpu fan seemed to work a bit harder during the test.

    Fps max averaged 120 through the three tests, with the average fps being around 75-80, max gpu temp averaged around 75-77

    I'm running the test in 1024/768, idk if that's worth noting since that's generally a lower resolution then most people seem to use nowadays.

    FYI, I just ran the test again with the CCC utility closed and the pc probe utility closed and got 140 max fps, 100 avg fps, max gpu temp 84, and an overall score of 5,968. I ran it a second time and got all the same stats, except the gpu temp went down to 81.
  37. The "Power saver" power plan will cripple your system.

    Try the "balanced" power plan instead, this should have only have a minimal effect on performance.
    The key difference is the "Processor power management" setting, "Power saver" will never run the processor at 100% performance.

    Check your CPU clock with CPU-Z while the system's under load to verify.
  38. Now that I seem to be getting 100% fps consistently in games, i've run into another problem (and the hits just keep coming). I've noticed my system tends to freeze quite a bit. At first it was a failed bootup here, i video freeze there, nothing to freak out about. But lately my pc seems to freeze anytime I watch a video online for over a few minutes. The video turns to complete static and i'm unable to do anything but reboot my computer.

    I can only assume my cpu is overheating. Any ideas?
  39. help?
  40. Sorry if you have already tried this, but have you tried Prime95 and memtest 86+ to check the stability of CPU and RAM?
  41. nope, unfamiliar with both programs, i'll download and run the default scans
  42. Well, it really sounds like a Software or driver issue, but it is best to rule out the easy to test things first.
  43. I ran prime95 for 15 minutes without any errors.

    I attempted to run memtest, but it involved many side steps that i didn't want to venture into.
  44. I think I might have stumbled upon the source of the problem. I had re-installed windows and in the process one of the mobo programs/drivers didn't get installed. The "VIA HD AUDIO DECK" was left out.

    I went through the tests I had been doing and everything was running perfectly with no freezing, but I didn't have my headphones on, so I was unaware that there wasn't any actual sound playing.

    I installed the "VIA HD AUDIO DECK" and ran my tests again and it insta crashed. So it seems that perhaps the on board audio program/card might have issues, or perhaps the driver for it is wrong.
  45. Well, I guess check for the newest. Which Manufacturer is your Motherboard made by?
  46. I have the asus M4A785TD-V EVO. and the driver seems to be the most updated for the audio deck;
  47. I just took my processor out and re-did the thermo gel. I doubt that will fix anything, but figured it couldn't hurt.

    Thanks for everyone's help so far btw.
  48. So the thermo gel did nothing, which is exactly what I expected.

    I found somebody on another forum that was having the same problem as me with the exact same ram/motherboard. They were instructed to make some manually tweaks to their freejumper config in the bios and it fixed their problem. I made the same tweaks and it seems to have significantly helped, but I still seem to freeze occasionally and always on the first boot up of each day.

    I also noticed the bios tweaks hindered my videocard/cpu benchmarks a bit. I went from 16,000 to 15,000 in the 3dmark06 test and from 6,000 to 5,000 in the furmark 1.7 test.
  49. What changes did they tell you to make?
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