Overclocking ddr3 failed?

hi all, just read a post on how to overclock ddr3 1333mhz ram, so i followed it and when restarted the bios just gives 2 long beeping noises so to fix it i had to pull the cmos battery. the settings i used are as followed - CAS Latency 7T
RAS to CAS Delay 7T
Row Precharge Time 7T
Minimum RAS Active Time 20T
1T/2T Command Timing 1T
TwTr Command Delay 5T
Trfc0 for DIMM1 110 ns
Trfc1 for DIMM2 110 ns
Trfc2 for DIMM3 110 ns
Trfc3 for DIMM4 110 ns
Write Recovery Time 8T
Precharge Time 5T
Row Cycle Time 30T

And manually set to 1.65v-1.7v (this i didnt do because bios said it did it automatically?)

the defaults were CAS Latency 9T
RAS to CAS Delay 9T
Row Precharge Time 9T
Minimum RAS Active Time 24T
1T/2T Command Timing 2T
TwTr Command Delay 5T
Trfc0 for DIMM1 160 ns
Trfc1 for DIMM2 160 ns
Trfc2 for DIMM3 160 ns
Trfc3 for DIMM4 160 ns
Write Recovery Time 10T
Precharge Time 5T
Row Cycle Time 33T
RAS to RAS Delay 4T

so should i do the same settings but manually change the voltage or should i try using 8t timings??
motherboard is gigabyte ga-970a-ds3 and ram is kingston valueram 4gb 1333mhz x2

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  1. Timmings will not make a huge difference in real world applications unless they are highly mathematical. Your better off just upping the speed of the memory with FSB, or setting the speed higher and upping the voltage to 1.65. You will see better results going from 1333 to 1600 or 1666Mhz. Once thats stable try CAS 8 timmings instead of 7
  2. Also the value ram will not hit 7-7-7-20 timings, thats more for something like Hyperx blu ram or hyper genesis blu, both are by kingston and both are very cheap.
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