Asus p6t se only says i7 930 has 2 cores??

hey all,
i got a mobo bundle a few days ago which consists of :
asus p6t se
6gb corsair ddr @ 1600mhz
intel i7 930 @ 2.8

now everything seemed fine until i started to try and do benchmarks on my system to compare to my older rig
cpu-z was saying it only has 2 cores and 4 threads? but when i bought up the task manager i could see 4 cores
in the performance tab.
and two other benchmarking programs where saying the same only 2 cores? pc wizard and PerformanceTest
and when i compared benchmarks to my mate who has an i5 750 his cpu marks blew mine away?
i went into start ,run,msconfig, boot, advanced options and it says 4 cores, now some ppl say it should say 8?
so i went in the bios and made sure ht was enabled and it was.
there was an option in there which says enable core 1/2 or all and it was on all but there wasnt an option for 3/4?
i updated my bios to 808 latest one im aware of but no joy?
just want to kno is it a glitch or is there summat really goin wrong
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  1. You might want to check the socket for bent pins on the motherboard other then having a defective processor thats really the only thing that would cause that. You can also go into msconfig and check under the boot tab in advanced options to see if it can be set the number of processors to more then 2. When you open up task manager there should look like you have 8 cores because of Hyper Threading.

    I have seen quite a few people in the forums have this same problem and about 90% of the time its either the motherboard or its the processor. It is definitely hardware problem.
  2. The BIOS used at first probably did not support the cpu. The new one does. It should now show 4 cores in the BIOS. But will not show in windows. Burn a live linux cd/boot usb and boot it and run system monitor. Should be four cores there as well. This will confirm that all the hw is working properly. Which 99.9 percent of the time it is. A clean install of windows with the correct BIOS will fix it.
  3. ok thanks guys,
    i cant see doing another install of windows will help if it only shows 2 cores in the bios.
    so that even before windows gets involed.
    i have the latest bios version 808.
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