Will 5870 fit in the raidmax sagitta case??? plz help!!!

Will 5870 fit in the raidmax sagitta case plz help.
if anyone has the same case and video card. or anyone knows that in will fit ????

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  1. From what I can see from the dimensions and pics, 'should' be ok.

    It will be tight though, my GTX260 which is the same size only just fits inside a NZXT Blackline which seems to be of exactly the same dimensions.
  2. thanks alot for the reply
  3. Dear kenneth12129, i have the gtx 260, and in order for it to fit into my RAIDMAX Sagitta case, i had to dismantel the plastic pins holding my harddraive, then lower my harddrive into another socket..... making it fit!!! and it JUST fits!!!! by the skin of a hair!!! i'm not sure what the dimension differences are, but from my research, they are about the same.

    hope this helps!
  4. It would fit but not with barely any room to spare...
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