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Recently, I have started several different gaming computer builds around the the $1500 price range. However, the most important aspect is that I can continuously upgrade it for years to come. So, I have put myself back at square one wondering which socket i should use, a 1366 or 1156?

On a side note; I was thinking of purchasing either a 5870, then buying another asap and cross-firing them, or buying one 5950, and maybe cross-firing if the need ever arises. Is the 5950 better than two 5870s?

I would appreciate any feedback someone could give me on making sure my computer lasts for a while, the budget isn't the biggest concern as long as I am getting the best bang for my buck.
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  1. You mean a 5970 right? And it is two 5870s, just factory downclocked, which can be undone in a few clicks with the Catalyst Control Center. So it's more cost effective to get a 5970 than two 5870s ($650 vs. $800).

    There is no such thing as future proofing with Intel. No matter what you pick, it will be out dated in a year. If you go with an 1156 socket, you won't see any 6 core CPUs. If you go with the 1366, you'll see maybe one. However, do you really want to spend $300 for a CPU now AND $600-$1,000 for one later? Regardless, after that, there will be a new socket.

    Have you looked at AMD? Right now, the performance is a little lower, but they are a lot cheaper. AMD is the ultimate choice for bang for your buck. In addition, the AM3 socket is going to be around for a while.
  2. I just spent 2 months researching the same "futureproof gaming build" stuff you're considering now, and I can say with confidence that I recommend 1366 and single GPU over crossfire/sli. BUTTTTTTTT.....if you've got $650 for a 5970, I would consider maybe waiting a month or two just to see what the Fermi card from Nvidia will be like. But if you really need something now, the 5870 is a beast, and probably plenty of power for what you need. But if you've got money to blow, the 5970 is going to be tough for Fermi to beat, so get one now.
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