Should I download my games on my HDD but install them on my SSD?

I'm just wondering if this would be a good idea since it'd save valuable space. Also, would this cause my games to load slower than they normally would if both the download and the install were on the SSD?
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  1. The download doesn't matter. Once you install the game you can delete the downloaded setup file to save space. Installing games on SSD will make it load a lot faster.
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    you can download the games to your HDD and install them on your SSD if you have enough space for them.
    I usually use my SSD for
    - the Operating system (win7) and all drivers
    - tools that i want to start fast (my development tools like visual studio)
    - some games

    i use my HDD for:
    - download folder
    - music & videos
    - backups
    - some programs that don't need to start fast

    i "only" have a 120gb SSD so i had to copy some of my games to my HDD because I was running out of space.
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  4. You can "install" all games to your SSD and then copy / paste them to your HD when ya not going to be using them for a while. When ya wanna use them again, copy / paste back so as to keep whatever you are using at top speeds.

    However, if ya have a decent HD, it wont make a really big difference in most games
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