New Pc For the Wife Sub $650.00

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Next week Budget Sub 650.00 Delivered


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, mouse, Monitor
PARTS PREFERENCES: Probably AMD because of Budget


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Quiet PC with good speed and with some future proofing. She is currently using a Dell 8200 approx 7 years old :o
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  1. I prefer MadAdmiral's case. In my experience, Coolermaster case quality control sucks. The designs are fine, appearance ok, but every one I bought had minor issues, like untapped screwholes or misalignment. All could be fixed, but why bother? I buy cheap Rosewill cases now, and have had no problems.
    Have you checked to see what apps your wife runs? I originally built a PC for my wife using a 5400+ CPU, but soon upgraded it to a 720BE when I discovered the high number of useful, necessary programs she was using regularly. Her native language is not English, so these included a dictionary and translator, in addition to the more usual email, IM, radio, and multi-tabbed browser. Since you won't need a GPU for your wife (mine doesn't game either), there should be plenty in your budget for a nicer CPU.
    Just a thought.
  2. Ok: I changed out the CPU MB combo, what do you think of this? I also went with MadAdmiral's suggestion on the case.
  3. Should be fine. I'm guessing you listed the mobo twice (it's in the combo) for clarity...
  4. Woops. This should do all she wants to do. I assume it will be upgradeable in the future? I was going to get her a Dell, then I looked for help here on this rig, is Dell a better option? I built my own I7 rig for gaming so I can put it together, I am just wondering about the Dell option. Thanks
  5. Dell would be cheaper. However, it would not be upgradable. Dell uses a lot of proprietary parts so that many things you buy off the shelf won't play nice with theirs. In addition, the parts they use won't be as high quality. Specifically, the motherboard and PSU won't be the best.
  6. Ok thats why I went to you guys for help, cheaper is not always better. I will be doing this set up then
  7. I think she'll be happy with it.
  8. is the laptop/desktop question valid?

    I know my wife prefers a laptop to desktop...

    Just ordered a new one last night...came out to about $640

    it's a Dell 1564- i3, Win 7, 2 GB ram, 250 HDD (which I'll be swapping out for the 320 I just bought for her old laptop)
  9. Either one would be fine for her uses. Really anything that can be called a computer would've been fine.
  10. Will this case and psu work if I add a gpu in the future. She saw me playing Crysis on my I7 rig and liked all the water scenes etc. So now she said she might want to try some of my games on her rig. Good thing I haven't ordered anything yet. This is my current set up to order:
  11. Looks pretty decent, but won't allow for good-looking gaming. If she wants to play some games, you'll need a new PSU. 380W won't handle many GPUs. You'll probably need a 450-550W one, depending on the GPU.
  12. Not sure if this helps, but I recently built this microATX system for my daughter, whose computing needs are similar to your wife's. The total cost was less than $500 minus the OS.

    The best part of the build? My daughter is going through the age 13 - I now have hormones - I'm allowed to be rude because the world revolves around me - stage so it has reduced the number of wife/daughter battles :) Priceless!!
  13. I have never done a micro build. I have xl hands will I be able to get it done? Any suggestions on the PSU? Will my current build work or do I need to start over?
  14. Your current build will work. I would say before you drop $200-$300 on a GPU and PSU, you should let your wife play some games on your computer to see if she actually likes it.

    If you do go ahead and buy, I'd get a 450W Corsair, Antec Earthwatts, FSP, Silverstone, OCZ or SeaSonic. These are all quality, so just get the cheapest one.
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