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Hello. I am building my third PC and wanted some advice on which of these graphics cards I should get. They are both 260 gtx, just made by different manufacturers.

Thank you.
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  1. I'd actually go for this one

    Cheaper, less heat output, uses less power, DX11, about the same performance as a GTX260/HD4870

    But if your really must have a GTX260 then I'd go with the Gigabyte one, as its cheaper than the palit and I've never had a palit card before.
  2. Heat shouldnt be an issue as I am using this case

    I selected the gtx260 over the 5770 because the it was superior in all the bench tests I saw.
  3. Agree with omg, 5770 is cheaper, less heat, use less power, dx11, and on par with gtx260/4870...
    If u still insist, then choose any cheaper gtx260 card, in this case Gigabyte.
    It's up to u. :)
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