APC ups 540W enough for my computer?

Hello! Every now and then I have power cuts at home, I would like to know whether the following ups of 540W is enough for my gaming rig:


I'm going to buy another 5850 graphics card (i.e. crossfire) in a year or so.

According to "eXtreme Power Supply Calculator" my pc requires 396W at full load.

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  1. ........your spec?
  2. Sorry, I wrote it in my public profile but it doesn't show up here :D

    Here it is:

    Corsair 850TX
    Core i7 930 2.8 Ghz
    Gigabyte x58A-UD3R
    OCZ DDR3 Tripple Channel 6GB
    Sapphire HD 5850 Crossfire
    WD Caviar Black Sata III
    Nox coolbay devil edition

    I just want 5 minutes to shut everything down
  3. My Corsair PSU has "active PFC", I think the UPS I mentioned does not have a true sinusoidal signal and may not work, right?
  4. The unit that you selected will not work with an active PFC power supply. You are right that the Back-UPS does not out put a sine wave. You need to get yourself a minimum of an APC Smart-UPS 750VA LCD. This is the smallest unit made by APC that out puts a sine wave. This unit is a data center unit, sine wave output, avr boost/drop and excellent surge protection. Give it a try, you'll see how well it works.
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