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Hello, im no computer expert by no means. but i currently have a laptop which is okay i guess. I recently started a course in uni for media. so i used video editing programs and photoshop a lot. im also a keen gamer currently fixed to COD 8-| and i usually watch films on my laptop, but get a bit buggered of when it wont play any HD films because of its rubbish RAM. As my laptop seems to suck when it comes to gaming and media editing i am very interested in building my own, not by my self of corse, My cousin has good knowledge when it comes to building computers but said if i buy the components and tell him what i want he'll happily build me one. i guess i would need HD output and also a decent monitor...
So, was just wondering if anyone could have any suggestions on what i should use and also a rough price. many thanks Tom
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  1. CoDMW2?

    What's your budget? What parts are reused? Where do you shop? What's the other usage beside gaming & watching movies?
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