Should i build a new rig ?

I have a E6600 OC to 3.4 8800gt x2 SLI 4gigs of ram Windows 7 64bit. I am stumped in what i should do. Should i upgrade to a Core i7 (920) and rebuild a whole new system? any thoughts would be appreciated. Im a gamer btw thats what i would use this system for.


Should i upgrade the one i have now?
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  1. Does your mobo support the 45NM C2Q ? If yes, then the upgrade option would be cheaper...
    C2Q 9400 o/c to say the same speed as your 6600...and replace the 8800GT SLI with a single HD 5850/ maybe even 5870s...
    IMO the i7 doesnt offer significant performance gains over the other Quads - Mainly in games...only in other tasks, it beats the other CPUs by a good margin...
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