Gigabyte ga 890fxa ud5 and bios f4 questions

I have the new board rev 2 fxa 890 ud5 and see the f4 bios listed on the site but i can not get @bios to find it when i try to do the update. It isnt listed as a beta which is usually why it isnt on the servers for @bios. I use the f3 bios but the issues listed for what the bios is for apply to me and was wondering if anyone has used it? I can update the bios manually or from a file with @bios but dont like to mess with a stable bios, which mine is ,though having the easy tune 6 noise . i just dont use it and probably not missing much since i oc and control the stuff well enough without et
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    As for updating BIOS... I would highly recommend not using @BIOS to update your BIOS. I would down the required and flash your BIOS using a CD or USB bootable device. It is the better / safer method to flash your BIOS... IMO.

    Go to Gigabytes website, search your motherboard and download the latest BIOS.
  2. I did download and install the F4 bios only because it is supposed to address 2 of the issues i had, minor but they were noted. It went fine no problems since. I have a usb flash drive i used for my laptop bios changes and it works well though i made cds for my asus board not that there have been many updates. I cant say I noticed any difference, which is a good thing and still dont like easy tune6. I may have to re learn how to incorporate overdrive. I have not used it in a long time. I only used asus Turbo v as a software oc tool and never mess with the other things except msi afterburner /riva tuner. and only to control the one fan in the 5870 that is still too noisy if uncontrolled. (to me)
    I was only looking for anyone who may have experienced trouble with the F4 change, since no one replied, and i really didnt have high hopes that someone would, I went for it and so far no problems in a week of 24/7 operation
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