I just built my dream system BUT..

OCZ memory sucks. I took another shot on the brand and tried the 2x 2gb sticks and went with 8 gbs but the pc blue screened the heck outta me!

Okay, well, I ordered Kingston 2x2gbsx2 and now will have:

-Windows 7 64 bit
-3.4 ghz quad core
-(Soon to be, Kingston 8gb 1066 ram)
-2xIntel SSD drives in Raid 0
-2x GTX 295's in SLI(When the G100's come out, I'm selling the 2x295's and getting 2xG100s)
-24 inch SGI CRT Monitor(CRT all the way baby!)

And once the new ram comes in, I should have my dream PC for a very fair price of $1500(ish)

Heck with the Intel quad cores, I don't have $1,000.

I can get my AMD up to 3.6ghz OC'd on Air cooling, I don't need to spend THAT much..

What do you guys think?
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  1. More details on your specs.

    I hate to say it, but it's not the parts that suck, it's the user/overclocker.
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