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Just picked up a P7p55D Pro & some new ram for my upcoming build.

RAM is straight off the QVL. Now that I already bought this, I'm starting to think I cant use the 3x2gb set on this motherboard. I would only be able to use 4GB in a 2v2gb arrangment. Is this true or not, and why? What is the deciding factor in this , number of channels? Processor socket?

if I indeed cannot use it, why on earth would it be on the QVL and what do you recommend to do about returning it?
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  1. Socket 1156 cpus run DDR3 memory in dual channel, ie, 2x2GB or 4x2GB is what you want to use.

    Can't answer for the QVL IF it called out the 3x2GB kit.

    I have no recommendations for returning it that you haven't already thought about.
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