Can I use video card to enhance cable TV tuner

Hi all,

I have an acer comp with a Yuan PCI tv tuner card. The comp has E4500, 3gb ram, Vista 32 bit, and a 9800GT video card.

When I am using the TV tuner, CPU use is about 40 to 50 percent, and the picture quality is fair to awful. The signal coming in is analog Comcast (dont get me started) cable. I am using a single 19 in monitor. The picture is snowy and almost pixilated. If I attach an antenna and get over the air digital, the picture is great, but I can only get one or 2 stations most of the time.

My question is: Is there some program to offload some of the tv tuning activity to the video card and also perhaps to enhance the picture quality. I know nVidia is supposed to have all these fancy GPGPU programs like Cuda and BadaBoom or whatever, but I am not familiar with any of them. So, is it possible to offload some of the TV tuning work to the video card???

A side question: is there a app to display video card usage for nVidia cards?? CCC for ATI cards can do this, but I can find nowhere in the nVidia drivers to monitor video card usage.
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  1. There is no way to decode comcast's hd channels that I'm aware of and there fore you are stuck with the quality you're getting. (yes, comcast sucks but if you live in an area like the midwest, there really isn't an alternative)

    On a somewhat side note: Comcast forcing users to pay for an HD tuner receiver to decode there stations, although they could have easily just added the channels to the coaxial cable.

    I've never heard of using the gfx card to help decode the picture, I thought that was done on the tuner card.... either way it is not going to improve the quality
  2. You would probably be better off with a different TV tuner card. A tuner with a hardware encoder and QAM support would give you a better analog picture while cutting your cpu usage to almost zero. With QAM support you should at least get your local HD channels over your cable and maybe a few others.
  3. Try having the center of the coax cable to be a bit longer than it is now. It's possible you're not getting a good signal from the cable itself.
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