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CPU: I7-3770k
Board: Asrock Extreme6 Z77
HS: Noctua D14

Question - my default multiplier is x16 (1.6) and ramps up to 3.8ish under load. When I change the multiplier to 4.5 in the Asrock extreme tuning utility, it seems to stay at 4.5 forever. Is there any way I can have it idle at 1.6 still and ramp up to say 4.5 only when needed? I dont like the idea of always idling at 4.5. New to OC'ing, so if this is a dumb question, be kind!
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  1. i have z68 and sandybridge, i overclock to 5ghz but its only the turbo mode thats overclocked. so my cpu idles at 1.x while jumping up to 5ghz when needed. i can't remember the specific bios settings and don't know if there is a problem with z77 or not. i use an asrock extreme4 z68 btw.
  2. Oh cool. I'll look for the turbo mode modifier in the BIOS then. Hopefully this board has it. Is this a multiplier the same as is within the asrock extreme tuning utility? (but for turbo) In other words, the Asrock extreme utility uses a multiplier with a simple slider interface - does modding the turbo work similarly or is there more to it? thx
  3. havent been in my bios for over a year. there was something with 5 different settings u could choose from, level 1 - 5... or was it 4. and the max.... not wattage... ummmm... was like 100 before i upped it to 200. sorry this isnt more helpful, its been forever since ive dug around in my bios. i did my overclocking to 5ghz well over a year ago and have had 24/7 rock stable performance ever since, so i never went back. i reboot once every few weeks or so =P
  4. Man, I'm not seeing a turbo oc option. I have something called Advanced Turbo 30, but it looks like these are all voltage settings - and when you enable it, it gives you the warning that you could damage your MB and or CPU. So, of course, I discarded changes like a little sissy! haha
  5. An oc through bios/eufi is always the recommended method and will change from idle vs load like you want. Just change the multiplier and figure out what offset vcore you need.
  6. Well, I tried changing the multiplier via UEFI to 4.5ghz, but it seems to stay there w/ VID at about 1.15v. It never idles down to 1.6ghz, always stays above 4.0ghz. All I'm changing is the multiplier. There must be something more to it...
  7. Put everything back to stock and make sure it is working correctly. The utility might still be messing with things. Then try again.
  8. Well if I put everything back to stock - (Auto) the multiplier is set to 38 (3.8ghz) and hangs out around the 3ghz range when idle. Just wish there was a way to make the range bigger - like set a min of 1.6 and max of say 4.7ghz. It seems to try to hang around whatever the multiplier is set to, which I guess makes sense.
  9. cant speak for ivybridge but my sandybridge is anywhere between 1100mhz and 1600mhz, even goes as low as 600mhz sometimes.

    clocks up to 5ghz when used
  10. Desktop i7 cpus of both sb and ib will only idle down to 1.6 from speedstep. It is supposed to go to 1.6 when idle so something is either using it or some setting must have been changed. Check windows power settings and make sure minimum is set to 0%. You can also check if speedstep and c1e are enabled.

    Another thing that isn't right is the i7 3770k is stock 3.5ghz (3.9 turbo) so 38 is an issue. Did you change the advanced turbo setting back to stock? Should be disabled.
  11. In bios the cpu shows AUTO as opposed to the 16 it showed prior to defaulting. However, when I open up the Asrock advanced tuning utility in windows it shows the multiplier at x38 and it seems to be idling around the 3ghz range. Yes, advanced turbo is disabled (by default). I'll check on the win power settings when I get home. Um...I'll google C1e... lol At one point I enabled "Load CPU OC Optimized Defaults" and I noticed some of the voltages changed. Maybe setting the cpu back to auto did not readjust these. Maybe I'll try a cmos reset.

    Still not sure this answers the question of how to achieve the range that neon neophyte is describing. Maybe the ivy bridge processors do not have a way to mod turbo boost? I don't want the power 100% of the time, I just want it when needed... I'll try the things mentioned when I get home from work...9 long hours from now...
  12. As I described with just changing the multiplier and vcore in eufi will get what you want. Trust me I know what I'm talking about. It is not working for you right now when at stock and oc because of some other issue. Since you enabled "Load CPU OC Optimized Defaults" my guess is that is the issue. Resetting cmos would be the easiest option in case you changed some other settings.

    Now that you are really at stock settings this time, makes sure it is really working right at stock. Then go try to oc.
  13. Will do. I'll report back once I have a chance to try. So if I am understanding, I should up the multiplier to the point of failure and back it off by 1. Then begin to up the vcore by +0.005 increments until stable? Do I have that right? And by stable, passing 24 hours of prime95 or >normal in intel burntest?

    As of yesterday, I can boot with 4.8ghz (multiplier at 48 and vcore @ +0.015) and pass intel burn test on normal, but fail on anything beyond normal...system freeze.

  14. Well, reset CMOS and same result. I guess that's just the way the default is. I wonder if what I want is more related to turbo voltage? I dunno - I'm so newbish...haha. It would help me to see someone elses settings with the same setup. Offset vs turbo voltage - what's the criteria I should use to up each? Sounds like i want offset as low as possible.
  15. So it's not idling to 1.6? That is not the way default should be. Something else is the issue.

    Offset will affect both idle and load voltage. Turbo is just load voltage.
  16. The procedure for overclocking IB and SB is slightly different (short versions below):,13.html

    The procedure for IB is as follows:

    Leave baseclock for what it is right now
    If optional, increase the TDP limit of your processor to 200~250 Watts
    With a 3770K leave your base multiplier at 35
    And now set the per core (Turbo) multiplier at a maximum of your liking, we applied an MP of 49 on all four cores
    Increase CPU voltage, though setting AUTO might work fine, we applied 1.40V on this intel board.
    Make sure your processor is properly cooled (we used a Noctua D12 heatpipe cooler and forced the fan to 60% RPM)
    Save and Exit BIOS / UEFI,11.html

    The procedure for SB is as follows:

    Leave baseclock for what it is right now
    If optional, increase the TDP limit of your processor to 200~250 Watts
    With a 2600K set your base multiplier at 34
    And now set the per core multiplier at a maximum of your liking, we applied an MP of 43 on all four cores
    Increase CPU voltage, though setting AUTO might work fine, we applied 1.3V
    Make sure your processor is properly cooled (we used the stock Intel cooler and forced the fan to 70% RPM)
    Save and Exit BIOS / UEFI
  17. It never does by default. I closed everything open and tried to make sure there were no unneeded processes running - still hangs out around 3ghz on "idle".

    Here is a pic of my bios config screen, if that helps
  18. JackNaylorPE

    Advanced Turbo 30
    Intel Turbo Boost Technology
    Additional Turbo Voltage

    These are the only references to turbo I'm seeing. None seem to be a multiplier. I have the asrock extreme6 z77
  19. that long and short duration power limit is important. i dont know what to set it for with ivybridge though.
  20. Best answer
    Actually it's not important. No offense, but you don't seem to know what you are talking about.

    The idling issue is something in windows not bios.

    What jack posted was pertaining to asus mobos, when you have an asrock mobo. Asrock only has one multiplier option and is the same procedure for both ib and sb.
  21. well the guides i followed raised the set number by quite a bit. they didnt use auto and my sandy hums along at 5ghz
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  23. Thanks to both of you. I think I'm on the right track now.
  24. Follow up - I figured out my prob. Asrock extreme tuning utility had taken over control of my power settings in windows. I changed it back to "power saving mode" and did all my config through the bios.

    I can hardly believe what I'm seeing... I appear to have a stable 4.8ghz w/VCORE: 1.200v-1.210v and a VID of 1.2009 - 1.2159

    I passed Intel Burn Test on "Very High" settings and ran Prime95 all night with no errors. Temps sat right around 70c. I also have it set up to idle down to 1.6ghz. Can someone look at my settings and tell me if this is a flook or if I've set something that's going to hose me later? thx

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