Advise please/ Nvidia 9500gt or ATI 4650.

Hey i got this email and i wounder can anyone could give me advise?
the card is for intel core2 quad ddr3 with an asus p5p43td motherboard and 4g of ddr3 memory. any help would be great :)

Dear customer,
We would like to inform you that due to your configuration we will need to make the following changes:

We need to change the graphics card you ordered the Nvidia 9500gt to a ATI 4650.

There is no price difference for the change and the new card will be slightly better than the one you ordered.
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  1. This may help.

    9500gt vs 4650
  2. lol yea thanks :)
    just i dont know what sites to trust, ive had a ten year gap from pc and the internet :( im looking for personal advise
  3. *** retard man, u killled my thread
  4. If the HD4650 is DDR2 it's basically on par with the 9500GT, if it's DDR3(unlikely) it'll be a decent bit better. If at all possible see if you can change that HD4650 to an HD4670 as it is a much better card than either.
  5. yea it was a 1gig ddr2, i already went ahead with it :(
    but no worries tho i got a realy good price, and i can always upgrade if i dont like it.

    thanks anyway man ;)
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