EVGA gts 250 1 gig versus 9800 gtx

Does anyone have experience with both of the these GPUS?

I am looking at including one of these in my build but I cannot find enough info to sway me. Ive read that the GTX 250 is only slighty better than 9800 gtx but what does this look like in real world applicatoins (games)? I own a HP VS17 17' monitor and do not want to buy too much card for such a small screen.

Is the gts 250 1 gig worth the extra $30-$40?

I know that there are alot of ATI fans but Ive decided to stick with nvidia for the time being.


i5 750
p55 board EVGA
Corsair 650w PS
Corsair xms3 4gb
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  1. yeah, they are on the same performance, just a little bit different...
    Since the gts250 is newer tech then yes, it's worth the extra $30-$40. :)
  2. so which rebranded 8800GTS G92 is better? i would probably go with the 250 if you are bent on one or the other. i would recommend a 260 and have a far superior card though. you can still stumble across a good deal on those here and there.
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