Phenom II x4 955 80C under load?

The system I just put together is idling around ~32C. However, when I stress test with Everest it pushes the CPU temp up to ~80C before it levels off. I also played about an hour of CoD Modern Warfare 2 at full settings to test it, and it runs beautifully with no stuttering or signs of overheating, but still pushes the CPU up to ~70C average and ~80C peaks.

Current cooling setup is two 120mm fans (one front, one back), and a Rosewill RCX-Z1 aftermarket CPU cooler. I scraped the original crappy thermal paste off and applied some AS5 spread evenly over the CPU.

Processor: AMD Phenom II x4 955 3.2Ghz Black Edition
Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-MA790GPT-UD3H AM3

The idle temp seems fine, but the load temp seems a little high. Is it worth worrying about, or do these usually run this hot? (Note that nothing in the system is being overclocked, it's all 100% stock speeds)

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  1. that cooler is great .. just as great as the stock cooler

    you need a better cooler grab a cooler master hyper 212 plus

    and what case have you got?
  2. Unless it's REALLY warm where you live, that's not normal. Try reseating the heatsink or use the stock cooler.
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    That cooler looks worse than the stock heatsink, I don't even see copper heat pipes on it.

    It's not normal to reach 80C on your processor, in fact that temp is dangerous and could potentionally damage the processor as AMD's listed safe temp is between 61 and 70C depending on processor model.
  4. I reseated the heatsink and reapplied AS5 as per the instructions on their website, still getting 36C idle temperatures. It's only maybe ~20C in my house. I'll try the stock cooler I guess.
  5. So I put the stock cooler on, and it idles hotter (~43C), but there was an immediate improvement when I started the everest ultimate stress test. Instead of watching the temperature spike up, after about a minute it leveled off at 60C and hasnt raised a degree in the past 10 minutes. Guess you can't rely on good reviews all the time, i'll save the other one for a non-gaming build or something.
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  7. Now that sounds like the Roseweil fan wasn't spinning up properly. How did you have it wired up?
  8. both of them are straight plugged into the motherboard cpu fan pins up by the power supply. The stock cooler works fine, I played CoD:MW2 for hours and it never pushed up past 58C even with the extra ambient heat from the video card. It just sounds like a jet engine now.
  9. WOW,
    this Rosewill Cooler is worse then my Stock cooler.
    I am using Phenom II X2 555 (B55) its the same as 955 except it has 2 cores disabled. currently I am using the CPU with stock cooler and an older AMD Athlon Stock Fan. the idle temps under 2 core mode are in the range of 32c - 40c depending on how hot the day is(ambient temps range is 28c - 40c)
    at 100% load CPU core temp reaches 58c. (prime95 test for 20+ mins.)
    if i enable the other 2 cores and make the test it gets hotter by 5c - 10c.
    i am unable to test the core temps while 4 cores mode but the CPU temp itself is hovering at 52c - 60c.

    U definetly need a better cooler.
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