Which one first - drivers or windows updates?

I have just installed XP Pro SP2 OS on my new system build and I am wondering what to install next. I guess I'm looking for advice on the order of the following - should I do drivers-SP3-updates or SP3-updates-drivers or updates-SP3-drivers? I have SP3 on disk so I don't have to log on to the internet to install.
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    go with the windows updates first, namely the microsoft .NET Framework 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 & 3.5, then update the drivers, THEN defrag the hard drive...
  2. I always do drivers first. I guess it does not matter.
  3. yes it does, if said user is using an ATI video card, he will need to install the .NET Framework applications & updates from Windows to be able to use the CCC (catalyst control center) for ATI video card settings...

    Go with the windows updates first, THEN do the drivers, that way, the windows updates don't have a chance to corrupt any driver files as well.
  4. I'm using a GTS 250. Is the .NET framework update part of SP3 or will I have to download?
  5. I think the service pack for .NET 3.5 is in Automatic updates, but not sure if .NET 3.5 is included in the actual SP3.

    Best bet is to download microsoft .NET framework, all versions, then the auto updater will update them as you go along...
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