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at stock its 850/975, i can't get passed 875/975 without hangups or artifacts!! bad card? would higher fan speed help this? there are no voltage adjustments available for these cards as they are non-reference, specifically the ZSFC model. maybe another program besides CCC?
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  1. Yes u can try increasing the fan speed manually...
    U can try "Riva Tuner"...
  2. by increasing the fan speed this can help prevent lockups or artifacts?
  3. It depend...
    the artifacts can be cause by an overheating or the card itself at it's limit...
    Check your card temps first before OC... :)
  4. yea my temps seem pretty average thats why i'm confused. you think a third party fan controller would help?
  5. So, what are your temps exactly?
    If that the case then i think an aftermarket cooler wouldn't help u...
  6. i idle around 41C and max at about 60+...maybe i just got a bad card?
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    your temps are good...
    Why u want to OC? i think your 4890 is fast enough. :D
    If u can't get passed 875/975, then i think that's a limit point of your card.
    DId u install the latest version of driver?
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