(Tutorial)How do i find my componets model number?

hello. Nathan here.
i think i would like to do a little tutorial on how to find your model numbers for your componets when you have tried everything to find out what they are. this is useful to compare your, lets say Graphics card , with other graphics cards (or GPU's) on the net.

i have spent hours to try and find out what my new laptop graphics card is. and thanks to a nice little site called "can you run it" (http://cyri.systemrequirementslab.com/CYRI/intro.aspx) i told me everything about my computer build.

all you gotta do is go to the link, select a game from the drop down menu and click on the "can i run it" logo. your browser will ask permision to run an add on,which the site needs to look at your computer specs. (Note. this will not add any spyware or addware). click "allow" (or the same term in your particular browser) wait. it will now see if your pc can run the particular game you selected in the drop down menu and it will tell you all your specs of your processor, ram, grachics card and os, including what Direct X is currently installed.
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  1. why dont you just download


    and for graphics cards gpuz

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