Multiple questions PLEASE HELP!

Hello, new to this site but have stumbled across it multiple times, so i have a few questions so i guess i will start off with my setup to minimize and get more precise answers

Motherboard - ASRock 970 Extreme3 8 Core cpu ready AM3+

Video - SAPPHIRE AMD Radeon HD6670 1GB GDDR5 up to 2.8Gb HyperMemory support Full DirectX 11

Processor - AMD FX-4100 Quad Core Black Edition 3.6GHz, 12.0 MB Total Cache Socket AM3+

Ram - 16GB (Ripjaws i believe is the brand) DDR3(About 99% sure on that but not 100% positive lol)

Power Supply - i'm not 100% sure i just know an EXPERT(Really good friend, worked computers in navy for around 25-30 years and Microsoft for like 15-20 years) helped me build this and i know it was perfect for this one, but can always upgrade lol

Well anyways lets start with a few questions and ill Number them, so please try to be as precise as possible with your answers and just like for nunber 2 for example just answer 2: sdjaldjs or whatever and if you want to add on to it at all or have questions please feel free to ask i'm not COMPLETELY stupid about computers i know a lot i'm not not Over flooding with knowledge about computers.

1. My CPU is running around 70C as i am just on the internet, no games atm(I will get into games in a sec) and i feel this is a little high? it also says my (Not sure what this is) Tj. Max: is also at 70C, i give my computer pretty good ventilations room to breathe(It does sit on the ground tho no other choice carpet. i pretty much fully cleaned it today to(As my pc was shutting off after 5 mins do to it being dirty, did it 3 times in an hour and i kNEW it had to be cleaned so there was no damage. is this normal for this setup?

2. Well having only 3.60 GHz is kinda slugish a little bit for gaming as i play Battlefield 3 my FPS stays around 30-40FPS but i want to run a nice clean smooth 60 but my FPS has random drops down to 15-20 sometimes even lower at random times and i want to know why this would be? is my build bottle necking? is there many solutions i can try? i have fully cleaned my pc inside and out, and the computer itself(as in virus scan and stuff) and have tryed to close as many programs as i can, and if i CAN OVERCLOCK(I've heard its ok and safe for this Processor) i am very unexperienced at this, what is a good Ghz to go to? should i not do this at all? is it ok if i do it a little bit to get over 60 FPS in BF3? i really want to run faster but not ruin my pc.

3. whats some nice cheap upgrades i can do? i have around 50$ right now but i'll be working again soon so any BIG UPGRADES i can do for realitively cheap that will make a BIG difference what would be the first? GPU? Processor? Fans?

4.What is some more things i can do to speed up my pc, all the methods i have tryed have been, Clear Prefetch and %temp% folders, close programs in task manager, run CCleaner to clean up some disk space and clean up viruses and stuff, run a spyware/malware/virus scanner and cleaner to try and help, and stuff like this, so please explain ALL methods that are possible.

5. Again with games, what can i do besides paying for something (As in free) that i can do to speed up games? should i just overclock? would this be ok if i don't over do it? ill have someone help me with it thats experienced if i do , do it. Programs? or anything

if you have any questions or anything you can do to help please do help. i will check this every 30 mins to an hour and try to keep really updated on this. my skype is Spinzhd if you would rather sharescreens and check some things out and contact me faster. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!
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  1. No 70c idle is not fine. Since you are thinking of overclocking anyway, it's time to buy a nice aftermarket cooler. I don't know what's good on the market right now since I've gone with the H80 myself but that's out of your budget. I'd probably go for the 212 but beware this thing is VERY big, so best check if it fits the case (which you also never mentioned). Also ripjaw makes some models with crazy heatspreaders on their ram modules. Gotta check the clearance for that prior to buying a cooler.

    Lastly saying that the 6670 itself is not a very powerful GPU. If you are trying to play @1920x1080 chances are it's your GPU holding you back, nontheless the CPU temperature is concerning, especially if the computer shuts itself off, the cooler might not be seated correctly. Remember though if you take the cooler off you must replace the thermal compound!
  2. thank you very much, but when i said it was shutting off my pc all i had to do was clean it, but even after i cleaned it my CPU is still running very high, and really the only close place i can run and grab a fan at is staples(They have ALRIGHT fans that will help for now) and i am just going to take my pc there and buy a fan or 2 and some thermal compound to see if it helps. because it being this hot 70c(150F) is really hot and i don't want anything getting damaged :/
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