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I have a Gateway model Lx6200-01. I need to purchase a motherboard and a processor that are compatable with this computer. The processor is an AMD Phenom X4 9500 64 bit. I read this processor is unavailable. I can not identify the motherboard. If someone could google my model #, there is a list of components that are in my computer and by this advise me what motherboard and procesor I need to purchase to keep the computer as good as orginal or better.
Any advise is appreciated Larry
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  1. Gateway, Dell, and HP typically use proprietary MOBOs. The on-board GPU rarely goes out. A simpler solution might b to try a new basic GPU.

    GW specs link -

    The next problem, is to actually fit a MOBO - See ->

    Q - What is your budget for the components?
    Q - Is the TV Tuner integrated or as an add-on card?

    If TV Tuner is add-on:
    $148 Example {chosen < $150 + low power requirements OEM PSU + on-board ATI Radeon HD 4200 GPU} -
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