Need Help Fine-Tuning FX 6100 OC

I have it at 4.2Ghz. 4 of 6 cores pass Prime95 torture for an hour, the other two have a fatal error after 25mins. Voltage is 1.35v, clock is 200, and ratio is 21

Should I lower the overclock? Or give it a wee bit more voltage?
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  1. I am having the same problem on the FX 4100, one core keeps failing. Should we just up the voltage a little more till all cores are stable?

  2. I had that problem with a core on the 4100 I OC'd to 4.4Ghz.

    More voltage in the form of an LLC bump did the trick.

    You have to determine how much voltage you are willing to give your chip and work with what you get (speed wise) below your own personal limit.

    Same thing goes for temps.
  3. Oh, temps are not a problem at all. At 4ghz, it runs 39C under full load for 6 hours. Nice chip imo.

    But I do not under stand, what is LLC? I probably sound stupid, but its my first run at overclocking manually, I've always done it before by using AI Suite II
  4. Load Line Control.

    It fights "vdroop".
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