Can you record multiple channels with a tv tuner card

Hello, I am looking at getting a TV Tuner card for my desktop. The one major thing im looking for is the capability to recorde at least two differnt channels at the same time. Any recomendations?
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  1. Here's what i have been using for more than a year now. It works well with media center. It functions as PVR and DVR. It records 2 shows at time. Or you can watch and record at the same time.

    It records HDTV and regular TV format. The typical HDTV recorded shows/movie is ~ 5Gbyte per hour.

    It works well with XP and Vista-64. I dont expect it to have issues at W7 but i'm not in the position to provide anything more than what i said.

    Below is the newegg site..

    Below is the webpage

    I tried other boards such as ATI 650, Pinnacle HDTV, Hauppage 1600/1800. The hauppage 2250 is the best.
  2. Excelent, I will check that out. Thanks again for the help.
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