A mother for my i5 Build! Help the orphan!

Help that poor orphan to find a mother!
I was hesitating between Asus P7P55D-E PRO and Gigabyte UDP4, but as I am not going for Xfire, it's useless for me to waste money on this (thight budget). I'm planning to overclock my i5 to the highest clock frequency possible with turbo enabled (3.2 Ghz according to toms article).
GPU: 5850
PSU: 650W
RAM: ECO (1.35V - suggested because easily overclockable)
Monitor: 28'inch 1920x1200

I am tempted to go with the Asus because it has USB 3, but I heard there was an annoying noise caused by the board so I am wondering if the P7P55D-E has this issue too.

If you have any other model to propose me, feel free to post :)
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  1. If you're absolutely sure that you're not going to Crossfire: Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3 for $135. It only has one PCIe 2.0 slot.

    If you still want the option, I go with the Asus board. My thoughts on the sound problem is that it's still a better board at that price. If you get a bad one, you can RMA it. It's not worth spending the money on something that's not as good just because of a slight problem.
  2. Which core i5 are you going with by the way.

    I know you may be on a tight budget, if you can squeeze out the extra 80 dollars get the core i7 860. By looking at the GPU you are getting, I'm guessing you are going to use this for gaming, and the i7 860 is ahead of the pack out performing the i7 920.
  3. "i7 860 is ahead of the pack out performing the i7 920"

    You're true, but not totaly. At stock speed yes, overclocked no. I don't know a damn fool who isn't overclocking his 920 too so...
    Does the 860 worth its 80 extra $$, I say no... you don't gain that much from overclocking it and HT doesn't bring you that much performance difference. If the 860 was cheaper I'd probably take it, but actually it seems that for the price/performance this isn't a great option. If you're sceptic, just look at toms recommandation; 750 then 920 all the damn time!
  4. Seeing as you had no aftermarket cooling I assumed you would not be overclocking. With building a core i7 860 vs a core i7 920 there is a huge price difference, especially looking at the cost of a socket 1366 motherboard. It's worth the extra 80 dollars from going from i5 to i7 860.
  5. That's because most of the builds on here are for gaming. There isn't a benefit for using the i7-860 over the i5 if it is strictly for gaming. However, for anything else, the i7-860 is gaining popularity.

    A lot of the recommendations are also based strictly on the price. Most budgets are either securely in the i5 realm or securely in the i7-920 realm. There isn't much room in the middle.
  6. I said I was overclocking ;)
    You're all true, but I won't spend the extra money for such a lil' upgrade on this build!
    Do you have any mobo suggestion? I gues I'll go with Asus (not the PRO version) for the USB3. As far as I can see, the only difference is that the PRO model is made for a dual GPU set-up.
  7. Gigabyte also has USB 3. The one I linked to is the cheapest USB 3 board.
  8. Nice... Sorry I hadn't checked it as I replying to hopekiller!

    I'll check some benchmark for that board, but I need something really strong/stable overclock friendly!
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