New 7850 + overclock results

Well I just got a new XFX Ghost 7850 today (upgrade from 5770) and I am stoked with benchmark results, but maybe I was expecting more in games.

5770 with 100mhz overclock:
3Dmark Vantage GPU: 10359
BF3: 1440x900, High settings = 45-60fps

Stock 7850
3Dmark : 20226
BF3: 1680x1050, High settings = 50-70fps

7850 overclock (1050 GPU/1325 Mem)
3Dmark : 23118
BF3: 1680x1050, Ultra, MSAA 2x = 45-60fps, with 4x MSAA = 35-40.

So that's an impressive upgrade, but now I am worried about getting a bigger monitor.
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  1. What's your CPU?

    BF3 is a pretty CPU dependent game.
  2. i5-2310 @ 3.5 Ghz
  3. BF3 needs a good quad core cpu & very good GPU to perform well
  4. The question becomes: more speed or more cores?
  5. my 2310 is running at 3.5, so I get benchmarks like a stock i5-2500, but yes, I do get occasional spikes approaching 100% on a couple cores at times.

    Looks like I can run all Ultra with no MSAA or High with 4x MSAA. Which would you think would look better? Ultra with 2x is acceptable, but I get occasional drops in the high 30s when there is lots of certain kinds of effects.
  6. No MSAA with FXAA all the way up.

    You can try FXAA Injector.
  7. Thanks.

    I think I found my bottleneck. 1GB VRAM. I bought the bargain basement model ($141 on sale) and BF3 is using 985GB.

    According to this, Battlefield can want more than 1GB on Ultra:

    That said, I don't regret saving $50 to lose a few fps. I just played a few matches at 1680x1050 with everything on the highest setting except MSAA at 2x and it played perfectly. So this thing is a beast for $140.

    Also, the one site that benchmarked this exact card was getting better results than me, but I just looked closer and they had used a i7-3960X, so that's just a tiny bit different.... :)

    I'm at least getting their stock results by overclocking my card, so it's not all bad.
  8. At 1080P....not really at 1680X1050.
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