GC Issues.

I have two issues (1 per card)

HD 2600 Pro (AGP): I received this free after my 9800 pro started having problems. The issue happens when playing a game (wow). Randomly while playing the game (Mainly when character is moving) my monitor will lose its signal. The PC continues running. Sounds stop and no beeps from inside the PC. I didnt start having this problem until after I reformatted my hard drive. I've downloaded the drivers and reinstalled multiple times. I've tried Alt+tab, windows key+M, and windows key with no results. I've bought a new DVI cable and checked the connection. I've removed and reinstalled the card. My only other option is to reformat the HD again, but I'd really prefer not to.

9800 Pro 512mb: Since my 2600 crapped out on me, I tried the 9800 pro again. Works fine for a few minutes but eventually the game just locks up. Cant exit the game and have to hardboot the system. I noticed the card was a little warm and from what I've seen the 9800 pro has had issues with the onboard fan burning out.

Any suggestions for either problem?

FYI - I have new system parts on the way to build a system, but Im afraid they wont get here until Monday due to an ice storm heading this way. Just trying to maintain my habits until then =P
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  1. ice storm?

    you live OK?

    it might be a problem with the motherboard, when you get a new mobo, try running the two in that mobo

    the slots might have a problem in your old one

    if the problem still exists then it is the gfx card
  2. I do live in Ok. Storm isnt as bad as they thought. Then again every channel says something different. Its annoying.

    When I get my new mobo I'll have a new GPU so it wont matter. Was hoping I could get a quick fix to hold my gaming over until then =P
  3. same here, edmond that is

    well the 9800 isn't overheating i can say that much as for the 2900 it seems to just be on its way out
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