No mobo screws? where to find

I bought the HAF 932 from a kid practically brand new and therefore do not have any screws it came with. Just got the rest of my parts in yesterday and realized hey wheres the screws?

I looked on Google but can't really find any great source to order some.

1) Can anybody link me? or can I go to Lowe's and pick them up


2) Been a while since my last build. Is it the plastic connector first, then stand-off then washer/screw?
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  1. Motherboards dont come with screws. Screws are normally provided with any new case purchases. The mounts for the motherboard can vary slightly among suppliers of cases so be careful to make sure that any screws and mounts you get are applicable to the board. Most computer shops will have them if they do repairs but I think you are looking at a bit of drama to get the right kind.
  2. Ebay. Period.
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