Dell studio xps 9100

what motherboard can i replace with my dell's mine looks like this
can i get the asus rampage iii extreme or sometime like that?
please post what motherboard can i get..
Core i7 920 (2.66ghz)
Ati radeon 5870
9gb ram
1.5 tb hdd

Can anyone also recommend me what psu should i get, i currently using dell stock psu(525W)
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  1. I agree with proprietary sizes + mountings which "may" be an issue, but what about the I/O Shield on the Dell XPS case - is it welded/soldered or riveted in?

    A full size ATX board is 12" wide by 9.6" deep (305mm x 244mm). What's the Dell's MOBO size??

    As far as the PSU it primary depends upon how many CF HD 5870 you plan on installing. For the money, I like the Corsair TX850W or TX950W - OC + 2 5870's.

    In addition, to add to the mix, you'll need to post or check that the DDR3 is compatible with the MOBO - BTW how do you get {9GB Tri Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1333MHz - 6 DIMM ~ 3x2GB + 3X1GB ~ VERY ODD!}
  2. standad atx mobo with not mount properly in a dell case. you can modify it to do such but at that point you're cutting out the mounting plate and needing a donor case to pull the plate from then there's the either welding, riveting, or drilling/bolting ... really just a pain unless you like the case ALOT
  3. ^ tapping in the mounts is easy, cutting out the I/O shield can be done with a Dremel + saw, and yep there's the CPU backplate, and will the PSU fit?

    I get the $ savings "idea" with the case...but can will it fit as everyone mentioned is another issue.
  4. yea i've done it, i also used my dremel for the cutting you just have to be carefull to get all the metal out . and yes to use a nondell psu and have it line up right you have to drill new holes there as well. its a pain but hey if the customer is willing to pay enough to mod the case then i'll do it :D
  5. ^ {Hobbiest Skills} None of the cutting or tapping is "that complex"; use masking tape for the lines and it doesn't have to be that exact. The tapping can be done easily by drilling a hole "just" smaller than the mounting stud and tapped by screwing it in.

    MOBO Choices:
    High Budget
    $380 - ASUS Rampage III Extreme
    $350 - EVGA 141-BL-E760-A1 / X58 3-WAY SLI Classified ; note *

    Mid Budget
    $289 - 132-GT-E768-KR / X58 EVGA X58 FTW3
    $299 - ASUS Rampage III Formula
    $269 - P6X58D Premium {the Premium is worth $30 over the P6X58D-E}

    {*} If you have or add an SSD that is faster than 300 Mb/s (e.g. C300 CTFDDAC256MAG-1G1) use the SATA2. Neither of the 3-WAY/4-WAY SLI Classified MOBO have SATA3 nor USB 3; instead most of the technology is geared towards the GPUs + OC; you can add a SATA3 card if needed.
  6. it is a very nice machine, i'd leave it alone as it is, just letting him know how hard it'd be to mod if he really wanted to. and it doesn't really have to be perfect as long as you drill holes and washers to bolt in so it can be adjusted.. still not somethign i'd reccomend if you'r not really comfortable with doign prodjects like that
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    ^ If the OP has minimal skills than NO - DON'T do it.

    Frankly, my assumption is once the total cost is examined the OP will realize the savings is minimal; new {MOBO, PSU, and probably DDR3}. Salvaging savings $20 DVD, a $75 case, $260 discontinued i7 920 and $100 OS 7 Home = {$455}

    I can see the argument to start new, I would replace the 5870 with a ~ HD 5770; keeping the old rig intact. And start from scratch with the HD 5870 with a i7 950.
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  9. $eeing is believing I assume, and @wilgene I have no doubt can do the work.
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