Which router for windows 7 64bit?

After asking my ISP nicely if they could upgrade the PoS speedtouch modem they originally gave me and receiving no reply it looks like I will be buying my own.
Windows compatibility center has alot to choose from, so I could use some help in narrowing down the field a bit.

High performance and relyability is a must.
Needs to connect to ADSL connection.
2 Ethernet ports minimum (1 of which is Gigabit) to connect 2 comps.
Wi-Fi isn't needed and would barely be used so if it has that capability it needs the option to turn it off.

I stumbled on an artical a while back that listed a few routers. It was about them not all supporting a max half open connection of 200 or something. I can't seem to find it again, if anyone has a link please post it.
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  1. Why don't you get a separate DSL modem & router? All routers are compatible with all versions of Windows since they all use TCP/IP.
  2. Why not get one that does both?
  3. You have more choice with separate units and if one part fails, it renderings the whole unit useless.
  4. I think I would like to stick with a combo for simplicities sake. Also I can not find a single ADSL modem that is certified for W7 64bit.
  5. You're making this way more complicated then it is. AFAIK, DSL modems are not certified for an OS. Separate units would work fine no matter what version of Windows you're using.
  6. That is a little confusing. I have 2 ADSL modems currently, one pci and one usb, both require drivers to be installed, and neither has drivers or support for windows 7.
  7. What are the Make/Model of your DSL modems? I talking about something like this http://www.dlink.com/products/?pid=554 which doesn't require drivers.
  8. They are like seriously old.
    I didn't know there were OS independant modems. So I plug the modem into the phone line and the router and the router to the pc?
  9. That's correct. DLink also makes combination DSL Modem/wired or wireless routers.
  10. How would you set the username/password for the modem to connect to the net when it isn't (physically)connected to the pc?
  11. You can make the PPPOE connection on the router.
  12. Its PPPOA here. But I configure the modem using the router? I would also need to set VPI/VCI values and specifiy PPPOA.
  13. Most routers support PPPOA as well. The DLink auto detects VPI/VCI.
  14. Think I'm gonna go with the netgear WNDR3700. Now all I need is a half decent ADSL (only 8mbps) modem to plug into it.
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