4850x2 exact length

I am looking to upgrade from a 3870 512MB card to a 4850x2 2GB but I can't determine if the behemoth will fit in my case or not.
It is coming down to those crucial fractions of inches you know?

Is it 28.5cm long from the the end of the DVI port to the end of the board of the board itself the full 28.5cm?

Any very, very close measurements of this card will be of great help!
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  1. That is a HUGE card (longer than a 4870X2!). have you considered something like a 5850 or 5870 instead?
  2. I'd prefer to get one of those but they are just too expensive for my needs.

    its a difference of about $80 I think.
  3. Wow, you are right. I didn't realize how much it has dropped in price.

    To answer your question though, I am not sure where they are measuring from. The best advice i can give it to look up reviews of the cards. In those reviews, they often show it next to other cards/components and maybe you can judge a length off of that.

    Another idea: since the PCI-E length is standard, we can use it as a metric. Measure (or look up) the length of the PCI-E slot. Then find a straight on top or back shot of the card. Then count (as precisely as you can, with a ruler) how many PCI-E slots long it is and then you have a fairly accurate measurement for the length you are interested in.
  4. Okay that sounds good. I'll give that a shot.
    And yeah only around $200-$220 for a 4850x2 -- not too bad eh???
  5. Yep, dual 4850s will be a pretty powerful card.
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