Hard disk not recognized.

I put together my first build today. It posted no problem. However when i tried to install windows 7 on it, the seagate baracuda drive was not recoginized. I bought it brand new off of ebay (still in factory packaging and everything) however, i found out when i was reasearching it that it was first made in 2008. So its possible this this thing is 4 years old. I used a sata to usb power cable to test it on my mom's laptop and nothing showed up. It is running fine but didn't show up ( i can hear it). It was recognized by my dad's laptop though. So thats 1 for 3 of computers i have tryed it on.... any ideas?
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  1. If it's a new drive, you'll have to partition and format it in order for it to be visible via a USB connection to another, functioning computer system (CAUTION - this DESTROYS all data on the drive)....

    Click "Start" --> right-click "Computer" and select "Manage".

    Click "Disk Management" in the left pane.

    Scroll down to the BOTTOM of the MIDDLE pane.

    You should see your new disk there with a label such as "Disk 1" or "Disk 2", etc. Right-click on the label in order to create a new volume (which partitions the drive) and then again to format it.

    Once it's formatted Windows will assign the next available drive letter to it and then it will appear in Windows Explorer.
  2. the other computer is not even able to format it, thats the first thing i tried
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    So what happens on the other computer that can't format it? Does the drive show up in Disk Management? Do you get an error message? If so, what is it?

    Have you tried running a utility like DiskCheckup to dump the drive's SMART error counters on the computer that CAN see the drive?
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  5. sound like an odd dilema. the only thing i can think of is that either you installling stuff, which u would know about. or that you have some kind of virus which is download vast amount of junk to your computer. do a virus scan and if that doesn't work maybe you should use the recovery disc? and if that doenst work go to a pc shop or something, hope this helps.

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