Computer wont start no beep

i have just installed a new motherboard, cpu and ram. When i start up the computer i donot get any beeps. the logo page and sata page shows then goes to the screen your computer shut down incorrecxtly how do u want to start safe drive etc use arrows to select only trouble is i cant use my arrows as my keyboard wont work. the timer counts down and the comp restarts only to go thru the same cycle.

The mobo is a gigabyte g41m-combo cpu pentium e5400 and 2x 2gig sticks of corsair ddr2 cm2x2048-6400c5 ram
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  1. Have you gone to bios to see if keyboard works there?
    Was bios set by default, or optimized?
    Usually bios wants to see a mouse or keyboard.
  2. keyboard will work in bios but im not sure what im doing there any help would be appreciated
  3. there should be a selection in bios for the keyboard and mouse called legacy support. Change this setting first and see what happens.
    You should have your manual handy when going thru settings. I fyou don't have one you can get it here:
  4. [thankyou for your answers but I have solved the issue I had not formatted my computer and reinstalled vista once i had done that all is good
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