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Hey, recently I have overclocked my Phenom II x4 955BE to 4.0ghz in bios, with a CM Vortex Cooler. My bus speed is 205 and multiplier is 19.5, and i have set the vcore just below 1.45 and it seems pretty stable, going no higher than 59C in prime95. However, the vcore fluctuates a little above what I have set in bios to around 1.52v when under load. Any ideas why, and is there a way to prevent this? Other relevant PC details are below. Cheers.
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    Try lowering Vcore in BIOS and increasing LLC.

    The fluctuation is the result of the interaction of your motherboard and CPU loads.

    LLC will "stiffen" up the voltage, but it also tends to overshoot your BIOS vcore setting.

    So lower vcore + more LLC should equal (approximately) your target voltage with less fluctuation.
  2. Ok, Ive just done that, but my LLC only has Auto, Enabled and Disabled..Should there be more specific settings for LLC in bios?
  3. On fancier boards, yes. Just try it in "enabled" with a slight vcore drop and see if you get the same basic voltage with less fluctuation.
  4. Thanks, seems to be working.
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